Going Gongfu Tea Set

4-piece Tea Set

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About This Item
The Going Gongfu Tea Set will help you create a beautiful and delicious tea experience. The set includes an artisanal teapot with a built in strainer, a decanter, and a pair of tasting cups. Each piece is handcrafted and glazed in a vibrant cobalt blue. "Gongfu" translates to a discipline or skill that requires patience, energy, and practice to achieve. Through this set, tea will be made that satisfies both both your senses and your soul.
Product Details
-8-oz ceramic gongfu teapot
-8-oz ceramic tea pitcher
-1.5-oz ceramic tea cups (2 cups)
-Samples of Ti Kuan Yin oolong from Anxi, China
-Instructions on how to make gongfu tea