Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo

The Cup

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Acidity: Bright || Body: Medium || Flavor: Chocolate, lemon, almond

The Specs

Varietal SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Proc Method Washed

The Story

Kichwa Tembo means "elephant head" in Swahili, and for Cafe Imports the mark represents the strength in these cups. Our Kichwa Tembo coffees present a classic, hardworking Kenyan profile: Sweet tropical fruit balanced by complex savory elements of herb and tomato, and a creamy body.We strive to offer high-quality Kichwa Tembo coffees in addition to our more traceable Kenyan microlots and factory-specific lots. (Note: Washing stations are called "factories" in Kenya.)